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About Us

TRINKLE Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1980 and has been the most important supplier of the drilling equipment in Taiwan. It can provide a wide range of products ranging from portable magnetic drilling machine, CNC plate drilling machine to CNC drilling machine. In recent years, TRINKLE has developed rail type CNC bridge drillingmachine and has earned a long-lasting reputation in the market.
TACO series and HOLA series of rail type CNC bridge drilling machine is the brand new series by TRINKLE. It has earned many patents. The major features of them are CNC controlled, shorten preparation, fast drilling holes, highly precision, low cost, widely used, and better price. In order to increase the work speed and efficiency, it could be expanded into double independent spindles or even double machine with 4 independent spindles.
TACO series can be collocated with hanging type, basic type, or rail type for various applications. Except for large plates, small piece of connecting plates, long type of rib plates, box blocks of bridge, pre assembling, and beam blocks can be further processed as well. It can automatically power off, extend operation time without human control, and power off after finished.
HOLA series is an economy rail type CNC bridge drilling machine and suitable for drilling various sizes of steel plates, such as master plates of bridges, rib plates, connecting plates, and so on. It is also suitable for drilling connecting plate while pre assembling and H type steel or H type block of bridge.